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Examples of customer journey maps

Examples of customer journey maps

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Over the course of the next month, MyCustomer is exploring customer journey mapping, from an examination of how customer journeys are becoming more complex, to tips on building a customer journey map, and advice on how to use the map. 

As part of this, I'd like to set up this area for members to share examples of customer journey maps - perhaps it is a map created by your own company, or a sample map that you have found on the web, all are welcome. 

I hope this could become a useful resource for those seeking some steer for their CJM efforts. 


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By LinkedIn Group Member
10th Nov 2014 09:05

Comment on this post from the MyCustomer LinkedIn community

My post "Customer Journey Maps: Do This, Not That" points out quite a few missed opportunities in a lot of the popular methodologies -- and how to drive CX differentiation

Here's a slideshare that shows some templates, and supports the article referenced above:

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