How are you driving additional value from your contact centre?

How are you driving additional value from your...

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There was a time when contact centres were viewed solely as a cost to the organisation. But there has been a renaissance in thinking in recent years and now contact centres are increasingly looking beyond the contact centre's role as "interaction factories" towards the ways that they can drive additional value - both to the customer and also to the company. So how are you driving new value from your contact centre?

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15th Sep 2013 22:02

Call recording analytics has to be a real player here.  Whilst early business cases were predecated on customer experience improvements and decreasing costs as processes were streamlined.  I am now seeing more opportunity for up and cross selling as well as the facilitation of cost avoidance elsewhere in the organisation

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By Ritesh Nayak 0
15th Nov 2013 05:19

One of our customers runs a contact center operation in India. They already had a consolidated view of the customer's call and email records. Their business transformation team is piloting our product to capture additional customer data from social as well. The idea is to have the same team get an omnichannel view of the customer while interacting with him/her. Customer express their feelings about a product/service either before reaching the contact center or after, and in both cases, we help them capture that data and view it alongside their customer data. A great way to ensure your customers are not being neglected on social. 

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