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Rob Thomas Profile Photo
By Rob Thomas
03rd Dec 2015 12:23

I think it's fresh and new and definitely intuitive. Like all refreshes it will take ma while to get used to, but my initial impressions are good and I look forward to checking in with the new content daily. Well done the MyCustomer team

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Replying to Rob.Thomas:
By Shonette Laffy
03rd Dec 2015 12:32

Thanks Rob!

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By ariyanroy
06th Jan 2018 16:22

I think it, need some improvement in content publishing, mean, it should go approve first. Once click on publish button and within 24hr, after checking by the team, or robot, they will make it status publish. As, I write a question in discuss form and after 1 Jan 2018, someone deleted it, Reason: Not relevant to category.. was Sad, feeling for me...

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