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How can I do a voice of the customer audit?

How can I do a voice of the customer audit?

I would like advice on how to run a voice of the customer audit. I have heard forrester research talk about them as a way to find all the different sources of customer feedback coming into an organisation but i wondered if there was any guidelines or advice on how to run one. Thank you.


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16th Apr 2013 14:58

Hi, there are some points touching on this topic in this piece:

The main things to cover are: what departments in the organisation are running VoC programmes; what channels are they using; what VoC technologies are they using. 

According to the article:

"It is important to first get a grasp of exactly what the state of play is across the entire business.


“The very first thing that I recommend to companies is to do an audit of what are all the data sources that they have, what the vendors are they’re using, what kinds of data they are getting from those vendors, and how those vendors communicate,” says Forrester analyst Adele Sage.

Jim Davies, research director at Gartner, adds: “The chances are you have got some great tools already in play, so you’re capturing some great feedback but you’re just not aware of it. But it’s not just a case of auditing what they are, but also whether you can access that data, because you often find in big corporations that there is quite a reluctance in some departments to share their data with other departments. So taking stock of where you are now is definitely the starting point.”

I hope this is a start!

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