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I need help choosing a CRM

I need help choosing a CRM

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Posted in the MyCustomer LinkedIn group, by user Nicholas Petitpas:

I am hoping somebody can help me out with choosing a CRM. My company is looking to implement one this month, and right now we are between Salesforce, Infusionsoft, and Zoho. We are a performance marketing company that is heavily focused on transforming the apartment rentals real estate market through software technology and a vastly improved user experience. The most important aspects of our CRM will be easily uploading and managing our clients in a neat, user-friendly sales process, and also reporting many metrics to the officers. Email marketing automation is definitely a plus but not necessary. Can anyone give me their opinions on these softwares? And if there are any others that you may suggest? I understand that choosing the right software for your company is one of the most important parts of implementing a CRM so I am turning here for guidance. Any info helps! Thanks!!

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By LinkedIn Group Member
31st Aug 2016 10:07

From LinkedIn Group user, Frédéric CANEVET:

Hi! There are quite different software : infusionsoft it more marketing than CRM, Zoho is less customizable, Salesforce is very high priced for the value... Gatner made a nice report about the - and + of the main CRM solutions

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By cfraysse
30th Sep 2016 16:23


Sorry for late reply on this one but i have just joined MyCustomer. You have a lot of comparison sites that can help you in your decision making process. Cap terra,, G2 Crowd or Trust radius
use user ratings to evaluate the various CRM solutions on the market. Worth spending time reviewing user feedback against your key selection criteria.
Good luck with selecting the right CRM for your organisation.

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Keval Padia
By KevalPadia
05th Dec 2016 13:57

Salesforce will be great for your company.

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Susan Lisa
By susanlisa
15th Dec 2016 05:56

Hi everyone !!

I have created a survey on this topic.

Please vote your choice, Lets see which CRM is the best one !!

and BTW I recommend Salesforce :)

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Maulik Virparia-Digita Marketing Expert
By MaulikDigitalMarketer
11th May 2017 12:27

If you are looking for a CRM which is basically a SaaS type application then would be the right choice.
It is free as of now but customization might be possible at the market price. First, Register and check, is it relevant to your niche or not?

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By Sam Jefferies
12th May 2017 10:10

Disclaimer: I've been working for Workbooks since September 2014.

Morning Nicholas,

I'm going to let you in on two secrets most CRM vendors wouldn't dare share.

Secret 1. 99% of vendors can provide all the functionality you require (easy uploading, managing clients & reporting) actually, most of it comes as standard.

Secret 2. 63% of CRM implementations fail.

So the real question then becomes - What separates the 27% of companies that experience a successful CRM implementation from those left scratching their heads?

After implementing hundreds of CRM projects over the last 10 years we've identified it comes down to the people. It's the people support you through your implementation, provide support when you hit road blocks and have your back as your company grows.

The people then, determine your CRM success. Not a list of functions.

So how then do you judge the people?

By asking the right questions.

1. Will they personally implement, provide support and train your staff or do they insist you go through a 3rd party/reseller?

2. Do they have a pricing structure that matches your needs or will you be paying for functionality you're not interested in?

3. Do they have your back as your company grows?

You might be surprised to hear the majority of CRM vendors can't say yes to any of these questions let alone all of them.

But here's the turning point - there is a company called Workbooks. You might not have heard of Workbooks since they don't buy skyscrapers or advertise on large billboards. But look deeply and you'll find their customers rating them far beyond SalesForce & Microsoft on independent review sites such as G2 Crowd.

Why are they rated so highly?
Formed after becoming frustrated with SalesForce, Workbooks took a radical approach to CRM.

Instead of just taking customers money, Workbooks focus instead on driving success into the heart of customers businesses - why? It's for their mutual benefit.

They invest so heavily in customers they actually run at a loss for a full 12 months after a customer joins only turning a profit when a customer continues into a 2nd/3rd/4th year of recurring business.

If you like the sound of working alongside an experienced CRM provider who provides direct implementation, support and training. Rather than simply buying another piece of software which may or may not get used. I'd explore Workbooks 30-day free trial -

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By annarosy
29th May 2017 09:51

Hi, I am a web designer from Minnesota , With my experience I think you should choose Salesforce, their service is quite good and stable.

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Devjeet Singh
By Devjeet
02nd Aug 2017 08:06

Hey There,

I'm replying quite late bit I'm sure that my reply will help others to make a decision on this. I would prefer going with salesforce. They are the innovator of the SaaS approach in the enterprise space. They have web-Based CRM that provide an array of diversified cloud applications and services to meet the unquenchable demand for cloud computing that will take your business to the next level.

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By joshapsky
01st Apr 2018 01:18

Without CRM salesforce is nothing and its good for the users the sales force comes with users, thanks for the share the knowledgeable information about this keep posting like this.
As per my knowledge, Salesforce is a new technology and the learning process of this is very easy anyone easily understands the concept of salesforce who really wants to learn these things, and the apart from this CRM is a tool where we manage the application

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By qasolved
03rd Sep 2018 12:00

Hi, I am a sales manager in Quickbooks Proadvisor Support from Minnesota, With my personal experience, I think you should choose Salesforce, their service is quite good and stable.

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05th Dec 2019 20:26

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