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Improving complaint handling

A complaint is a moment of truth for the customer, but an opportunity to engender loyalty for you

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The quality of customer complaint handling always seems to be a frequent feature in the news and industry press, but I wondered what external 'data' companies might be using to bring the customer perspective of the complaint experience into their organisations?

At a time when differentiation is decreasing, competition growing and the ability to switch away from poor service providers easier, it would seem that ensuring any customer gripes are resolved quickly and efficiently might be a sensible way to retain customers and, possibly, even grow loyalty.

Would love to hear your thoughts ...


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21st Mar 2017 12:00

Hi Scott.

We have reams of content on this topic on, so thanks for bringing your question to the table!

The first thing I'd say is that, increasingly we've seen data being used as a 'proactive' tool for complaint handling. Spotting a problem before a customer does, and alerting them in advance that the issue at hand is being rectified.

Here's an article from Adrian Swinscoe outlining some of the developments in proactive customer service:

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21st Mar 2017 12:07

There is also an excellent blog post from Lori Wagoner about how to use data through the customer journey and as part of the complaint handling process:

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21st Mar 2017 12:09

Also. on the topic of innovation in the complaint handling process I'd highly recommend reading this piece honing in on some of the ways companies are putting their hands up and apologising to customers when something goes wrong:

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21st Jun 2017 14:09

Chris - thank you for all your fab reading suggestions ... I'll be reviewing asap (as just seen your comments).


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