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Personalisation: What are the pros and cons?

Personalisation: What are the pros and cons?

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This Thursday (19th March) at 3pm GMT we're hosting a Twitter Q&A on the subject of personalisation and we want to hear your opinions.

Concerns have been raised about privacy and data protection, but does the opportunity to offer a tailored customer experience outweigh the possible negatives? What have been your experiences?

Tell us in the comments below, or join us on Thursday on Twitter!

For further reading, we've got a report on the subject:

And various other articles which you may find helpful:

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By Shonette Laffy
17th Mar 2015 12:36

From Richard Melling:
'true personalisation helps make my life easier and relieves everyday stress whilst exciting & inspiring. Bad = crass selling'

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Chris Ward
By Chris Ward
18th Mar 2015 09:14

Some great quotes from our September 2014 personalisation guide, about the basic premise of bringing back the 'personal service' within a digital context:

“With the introduction of the internet, and subsequently the ability to track customers’ activity, brands now have the means to bring back this personal experience” - Julie Hesselgrove, group president at Xerox Communication and Marketing Services

“The way we shop and make decisions has changed. Brands can either engage in a price war to win customers, or they can deploy intelligent marketing and services – and this is where personalisation comes in” - Graeme Collins, head of marketing, EMEA at RichRelevance

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