Where to start with customer journeys?

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Hi everyone, 

I work for a very established organisation but i'm new to the role (not the organisation) and i'm the very first person to have the responsibility of mapping customer journeys and getting us ready for a new CRM, new digital awareness within the company and generally having some focus on our customers. 

If you were starting again in your organisation, or if you were new to a role, what types of exercises would you do in order to fully understand a customer journey and to help make recommendations for future working?

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By Neil Davey
27th Feb 2017 13:38

Hi Rachel, a good source of practical information on this topic can be found here, which is a series we dedicated to CJM last year:


Hope it helps!

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By Helen_Fennell
10th Mar 2017 15:03

Hi Rachel, we specialise in customer journey mapping and experience design and believe that understanding an 'as is' customer journey is an iterative process, which starts by defining journeys from a customer perspective (in terms of customer 'goals'). Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss - [email protected]. Thanks, Helen

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Scott Davidson, Head of Research, The Research Locker
By LockerScott
15th Mar 2017 17:00

Hi Rachel

We typically advise clients to start with exploratory qualitative research so as to understand the customer journey from the customer perspective (rather than from an internal perspective).

We then translate qualitative findings into a quantitative survey and add robustness to our initial findings. This allows us to put some numbers to the interactions which might be failing customers and worthy of improvement. Customer Effort features heavily in our work, i.e. where is too much effort being exerted, how can you be easier to do business with. We can also use this quantitative data for regression analysis purposes so as to establish key drivers of a positive customer experience. You can also use this analysis to then streamline your survey and use for ongoing performance measurement purposes.

Similar to Helen, we use Customer Journey Maps to visualise all our research and analysis, establishing your current customer journey map, offering suggestions for improvement and then using any ongoing performance measurement to establish the impact of any improvement initiatives.

Happy to discuss further if it helps you make a more informed decision. Best to email me at [email protected] and we can organise an appropriate time.

Good luck

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Chris Ward
By Chris Ward
21st Mar 2017 17:26

Hi Rachel,

Quite a few members of our audience have highlighted how useful this exercise is, in terms of imagining customer journeys in a tangible way:

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Farheen Salman
By farheen.salman
21st Jul 2017 05:53

The best place to start learning about the customer journey is to do a thorough research on the whole customer acquisition process, the brand history, current placement strategy and the identification of potential markets.

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Phong Nguyen
By pr365mn
08th Aug 2017 07:42

Well! CRM software is meant to fit your business needs; your business should not have to change to fit the software. Choosing the best CRM software involves connecting your various daily processes and figuring out how the CRM software can eliminate manual tasks and augment your existing processes. in order to fully understand a customer journey, you must have good knowledge about how to use CRM software.

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By StevnRichardson
10th Jun 2018 15:54

For better customer feedback experience you can check out BugRem tool too.

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By albertferrigno
31st Oct 2018 13:34

I know for sure that nothing is learned as well as in action. So, it is worthwhile, as for me, to learn everything in practice. This rule I learned more than once rescued me in my life.

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By baileyarnidot
12th Feb 2019 15:16

I advise you to begin by discussing how you see the final result and thinking through the plan of action to achieve it!

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