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Which brands are best at content marketing?

Which brands are best at content marketing?

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Given that MyCustomer is in the midst of a month dedicated to content marketing strategy, we'd like to hear from our members about who their favourite brands are in this space, and see some examples of what people think represents great content marketing.

It doesn't necessarily have to be grand affairs like those dished up by Red Bull or Nike, just let us know why you think your examples work well and provide us with some links, where applicable.


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By Dan Izzard
23rd Feb 2015 10:23

Some pretty impressive numbers for little yellow brick men!

"On Instagram, Lego boasts 285k followers. Months before The Lego Movie came out, typical posts would receive around 7k to 10k likes. Now, they’re consistently getting 15k to 22k per post."

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By LinkedIn Group Member
23rd Feb 2015 14:00

 - A great value / educational blog that doesn't even mention the software. The blog delivers informative content targeted precisely at their target market (start-ups, entrepreneurs, SME's) and the pains that exist for these individuals when starting up a new business  - Fantastic video case studies that again hardly mention the software. The case studies focus on the people running SME's, their lives both in and out of business and how the software and its benefits positively impacts this.  And no, I don't work for Infusionsoft...or even use the software - it's just a great example of how to tap into the wider business problems of your target market as a vehicle to drive traffic, subscribers and advocates.  Stuart Banbery

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By Shonette Laffy
23rd Feb 2015 15:12

mashable is expert at content marketing for itself and other industries.

Would you agree?

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By shailanyvizconde
05th Aug 2015 14:08

I actually like hubspot, they are producing so many interesting content that are also beneficial for other users

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