Allianz Appoints MaritzCX as Partner for Their New Global Customer Experience Program

23rd Jul 2019
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London, 23rd July 2019. MaritzCX, the leading provider of customer experience software and service solutions, supports Allianz in further strengthening the customer-focused culture of the global financial services market leader.

Customer orientation, simpler products and consistent digitisation stand at the core of Allianz's new strategic plan. To this end, Oliver Bäte, Chairman of the Management Board of Allianz, recently announced the goal for each division to become the market leader in customer satisfaction.

A key component of this initiative is to give 85 million customers worldwide the opportunity to provide feedback at all touchpoints along the customer journey, which will then be analysed in real time and made available to the various service departments so that they can respond promptly and individually to the experiences and expectations of their customers. As a result, customer satisfaction is to be continuously increased and processes are to be simplified for the customer.

To implement this strategy, Allianz has selected the market leader in customer experience management software, MaritzCX, as its global partner. The MaritzCX software is already being used by more than a third of the world's 100 largest companies and has received several awards for its effectiveness in helping companies to operate close to their customers and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

In addition to an excellent rating for the software during the RFP process, MaritzCX also stood out for its experience in successfully implementing top solutions for numerous insurance companies and market leaders in other industries.

"We are very excited to help Allianz further increase customer centricity and improve customer experiences so that customer satisfaction, loyalty and referral rates continue to increase across all markets," said Stephan Thun, CEO International, MaritzCX.

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MaritzCX is a leading provider of Customer Experience (CX) solutions for companies in the financial services, automotive, technology, industrial, retail and media industries. MaritzCX combines award-winning CX software with consulting expertise and analytics. The solution enables customer feedback to be collected at all touchpoints, analysed in real time and made available to all employees in the company in such a way that measures to improve customer relations and process optimisation can be initiated effectively and promptly. As a result, companies grow stronger and more profitably and customers receive better service.