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Where are you on your CX journey? Have you just started, or is your organization ready to move to...

Announcing Next Generation Customer Experience design firm focusing on profitable models

24th Mar 2022
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Where are you on your CX journey? Have you just started, or is your organization ready to move to...

New firm to deliver holistic projects to address High Impact Customers

ImprintCX is announcing the formation of a next generation customer experience design firm focusing on high impact customers.  As the world of CX matured, it fell into the classic trap of one size fits all and failed to adequately address the needs of organizations’ most profitable and high value customers.  As a result, these customers are becoming a higher risk of departure that can lead to unfavorable perceptions in the marketplace and business losses.  ImprintCX has been formed to design and implement programs to address the needs of these high value customers and help organizations raise their CX performance profitably.  

Lior Arussy, a customer experience pioneer and the founder of one of the largest dedicated CX firms in the world, will be joining forces with Ed Murphy and Beth Karawan to form the new venture.  Other leaders will be joining as well to form one of the most experienced teams in the customer experience industry with a proven track record of over 250 CX transformation projects. 

“Today's customer experience services firms offer a one size fits all approach.  Organizations are craving a partner that can evaluate, create and implement experience strategies that are built not for every customer but more importantly for their most valuable customers.” said Ed Murphy, President, ImprintCX.  “This is the white space that ImprintCX intends to fill.  And we will do so by asking the tough questions and giving the honest answers that will enable our clients to break down organizational silos and develop future-state experience strategies that ignite growth.”

“As the customer experience industry matures, new challenges arise.  We are no longer seeking consistent delivery, but rather profitable relationships.“ said Mr. Arussy.  “It is easy for high value customers to get lost in the pool of millions of customers.  Today’s high value customer demands extreme personalization and that requires a radically different model than the current customer experience model that serves everyone equally.” Mr. Arussy added.

ImprintCX partners with its clients to get to the core of what their high impact customers want and prioritize the experiences that matter.  The company’s services are rooted in the deep human understanding that is necessary to create meaningful customer experiences between organizations, brands, employees, and the people they serve.  ImprintCX’s range of services include, but are not limited to, journey mapping, consumer insights, Voice of Customer, persona development, customer experience strategy development and implementation, innovation, and employee education.

Lead by Mr. Murphy, a seasoned CX research and consulting executive with over 25 years’ experience, ImprintCX will consist of a team including Co-Founders Lior Arussy and Beth Karawan. Sean McDade, Founder & CEO of PeopleMetrics and Joseph Michelli, Ph.D., CCXP, CSP will serve as advisors to the team.

Ms. Karawan said, “For the past 10 years, companies have focused on shopper marketing, developing strategies tailored to different types of retail shoppers. These strategies are focused on growing brands, not on the shoppers’ experience. I believe that holistic shopper and customer experience is the next evolution to drive growth and profitability, especially when it comes to serving the needs of their high impact customers”

Mr. McDade said, “High impact customers are underserved in the CX market and ImpactCX will be at the forefront of helping companies deliver the experiences that these customers expect and deserve.  I am thrilled to be part of ImpactCX!”

Mr. Michelli, The New York Times #1 best-selling author, added, “Everyone wants to deliver an experience that drives customer loyalty and referrals, but few companies are achieving their goals. I’m honored to be a part of ImprintCX—a talented group of professionals who have and will help leaders differentiate through customer experience design and delivery.”



ImprintCX is a modern marketing and customer experience services company that seamlessly combines insights, consulting and activation into one integrated offering. The company is powered by sophisticated analytics, deep human understanding and design thinking to help organizations develop and deploy retention and lifetime value strategies to their high impact customers. Collectively the ImprintCX team has developed and lead hundreds of customer experience transformations for Fortune 500 companies such as Mercedes Benz, Honeywell, Pizza Hut and