Cold calling in the contact centre is dead. Long live outbound!

16th Feb 2017
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Leading cloud contact centre provider, West, is predicting the end of cold calling in the contact centre as outbound call volumes will continue to decline in 2017; however, the company says that cold calling will be replaced by sophisticated outbound strategies as brands recognise the need to build a more effective two-way dialogue with their customers.  The company has launched a guide to help brands get the most from their outbound campaigns.

Enda Kenneally, VP Sales & Business Development UK&I, West’s Unified Communications Services segment explained:

“Cold calling has given the industry a bad name in recent years and as a leading contact centre provider, we believe we have a responsibility to help brands deliver more customer-friendly outbound campaigns. On top of that, the rise of the mobile customer means that success rates for cold calls have plummeted in recent years. With just 10percent of cold calls actually leading to a conversation, brands need to deploy new strategies to attract new customers and build profitable relationships with existing ones.”

The Golden Rules of Outbound, published by West this month, explains how outbound can play a key role as part of a multichannel strategy and includes tips for more effective campaigns.

Enda Kenneally concludes:

“Cold calling is being replaced by informed outbound campaigns.  Our guide offers tips for 21st century contact centres. For example by sending an SMS in advance of a call, success rates can be increased dramatically. And Mobile Number Screening can ensure that connect rates to mobiles increase by up to 40percent. Outbound can also be very effective at following web visits.  It is all about joined up customer experience strategies.”