Come in from the cold (calling) and warm to outbound

16th Feb 2017
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In the past, cold calling may have been an appropriate option for businesses, but with an average of one third of mobiles either unavailable, turned off or roaming, and a plethora of other digital channels available to target new customers, it seems that businesses are wasting their time with cold calling.

Considering that only 1% of cold calls are successful, or that a staggering 90% of B2B decision makers don’t respond to cold sales outreach, it is fair to say that cold calling as we know it is dead in the water. But what other options do contact centres have?

The benefits of outbound campaigns 

In our latest guide “10 Golden Rules for outbound campaigns” we discuss the benefits of moving from cold calling to outbound strategies that aim to help businesses target and engage with their audiences more efficiently to build long-term profitable relationships.

The right technology, of course, is essential to maximise agent time, but to get the most from this investment you also need to ensure your processes are hitting the mark. If you have a good process in place, combined with the right technology, then you are in a strong position.

It is worth investing in a system that offers predictive dialling, which has a significant impact on efficiency and ultimately, outbound productivity by increasing levels of talk time. That means more sales, collections, appointments and responses.

Outbound is your alternative to cold calling

However, it’s also vital to instil in your agents the importance of data quality and encourage them to capture relevant and accurate information whilst on the call. Requesting and recording a second telephone number or an email address might give you a short term increase in average handling time but your data quality is increased for future campaigns.

Our guide also addresses issues such as the importance of mobile and local number presentation, staff engagement, intelligent call routing and agent performance, and offers a greater overall solution to standard cold calling.

Following these guidelines will ensure that your business will be transformed into an entity that serves its original purpose – to engage customers and drive sales.

If you are considering an investment or have already invested in an automated dialling system for your outbound campaigns, please download our "10 Golden Rules for outbound campaigns" guide.