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Ei Evolution
The Ei Evolution Summit + isn’t your regular event. It is a two-part, five-month long schedule of...

Coming up on Linkedin Live for the Ei Evolution Summit

8th Jul 2021
Brought to you by
Ei Evolution
The Ei Evolution Summit + isn’t your regular event. It is a two-part, five-month long schedule of...

We have an incredible line up for the July Ei Evolution Summit Library that will be live on Linkedin from Sandra Thompson’s Linkedin profile. Take a look at what we have in store!

Pilar Orti and Dr. Richard Mackinnon - Beyond #watercooler - Deepening Connection in Remote Teams.

Tuesday 13th July at 16:00 BST

Isolation is a big issue in the world of remote work.  Have you ever questioned what helps us feel connected to our remote colleagues, especially in recent times? What about what can we do as individuals to prevent feeling isolated? Pilar and Richard will cover all of these very topical and relevant topics plus many more in their session.

Wim Hoff instructor Emma - Learning from the Ice Man 

Friday 16th July at 16:00 BST

As seen on BBC last weekend! This interactive session with one of the very few Wim Hof instructors on the planet, Emma Estrella Corrie, will give you the opportunity to learn Breathwork Exercises and the Wim Hof Method (WHM). Join this session and explore Everyday Breathing Awareness, Cellular Respiration and WHM Breathing. This incredible session should not be missed!

Lee Houghton - What a 5 year old's Nativity can teach us about being our best in CX

Monday 19th July at 16:00 BST

Understand THE secret to getting a standing customer ovation even when you don’t do the right things! Learn and take inspiration from Lee’s late best friend to help your team WIN.

Nicole Miller - Re-Narrating our Stories: Examining the Ways Stories Impact and Inform the Tension between Remote Working and the Return of Office Culture

Monday 21st July at 16:00 BST

In a fireside chat, Nicole Miller and Sandra Thompson will explore our narratives around remote work and office culture. They will be addressing the following queries: how these stories are internally constructed in the first place, how they manifest in the culture system of your organization, how the narratives affect our physical and emotional wellness, and the ways in which we can use self-awareness, empathy, and narrative thinking to navigate the stories we will encounter as we wade into the waters of how a place of "work" could and should look. 

Ali Greene - Asking the Right Questions about Remote Work

Tuesday 27th July at 16:00 BST

Ali will explore why current debates around 'working from home', Remote Work, or 'Hybrid' models, are not tackling the true issues leaders are currently faced with in this session. Work as we know it is changing and now is the time to start asking questions that will help shape company culture, processes, and approach to work in the digital era. Attendees will leave with a new understanding of how to think about concepts like Remote Work, flexible schedules, asynchronous communication when it comes to this transition to the Future of Work.

Sing at Work - Finding your voice

Thursday 29th July at 16:00 BST

Discover your authentic voice with vocal empowerment guidance when you join a singing workshop delivered from Sing at Work. Providing you with the solutions to vocal issues, greater awareness of the voice and body as a whole and tools to use your voice efficiently in everyday life, this is going to be a jam-packed session. Through the power of song, this energised session is guaranteed to boost your mood.

Since 10th May we have been gathering incredible content in our Summit Library, with the July programme bringing even more phenomenal speakers to the Library. All of the speakers will help you make the right decisions about where and how you work in the future, the steps you could take to create meaningful work(places) for your employees and emotional connections with your customers. Here is a sample of the incredible content you can watch at your leisure in our Summit Library (our Netflix style treasure trove) as you’ll have unlimited access to these plus dozens of other content when you buy a ticket to the Ei Evolution Summit.

Rob Stephenson - On Form

Friday 2nd July at 16:00 BST

Watch on demand Sandra Thompson and Rob Stephenson as they explored issues around mental health and wellbeing. Take this opportunity to become more intentional about wellbeing, learn one very powerful question as well as how we can better support each other through challenging times.

Steve Lowy - Leadership - how to manage in the hospitality industry through uncertainty

Thursday 8th July at 13:30 BST

During a fireside chat with Sandra Thompson, Steve Lowy described the emotional intelligence required to lead a business not only through Covid but in the hospitality industry generally. After watching this session on demand, you will be able to:

  1. Spot signs of health and wellbeing of team members,
  2. Appreciate the challenges in hospitality,
  3. Understand the relationship between sports team management and managing a hospitality organisation.

Book your ticket to watch these sessions on demand in the Ei Evolution Summit library and save your seat to the Ei Evolution Summit day in October here: