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The Ei Evolution is a business consultancy that focuses on improving customer and employee...

Ei Evolution Academy partners with MyCustomer to propel CX careers

5th Jan 2023
Brought to you by
EI Evolution Academy
The Ei Evolution is a business consultancy that focuses on improving customer and employee...

Ei Evolution & its Academy is proud to announce that it is partnering with MyCustomer for the launch of a series of training courses throughout 2023, with the first running in January. 

Designed for professionals ranging from managers up to director-level, the Applied Customer Experience & Emotional Intelligence course consists of nine remote 90-minute sessions, accompanied by texts and learning materials, that will help attendees achieve a robust understanding of customer experience based on scientific theory, insightful case studies and practical tools.

Throughout the course, participants will also receive advice from professionals working in CX roles and scientists offering the latest research findings in their field. Attendees will practice what they have learned throughout the duration of the course and will be encouraged to do so in the months that follow as well, being provided with an inventory of additional reading and watching materials.

Upon completion of the course, participants will ultimately possess an understanding of some of the key skills required of today's customer experience professionals, including the building of business cases, internal communications, journey mapping and reporting.

But what really sets this course apart from the many other CX training sessions available, is its emphasis on emotional intelligence, says Ei Evolution Academy founder Sandra Thompson.

"Understanding how the brain works and how people tick is central to this course and I have not seen another CX course that involves neuroscientists and psychologists to help us understand what it means to be human," she says.

"This is, to my knowledge, the only CX course in the world facilitated by a coach who has been taught by Daniel Goleman himself and explains how emotional intelligence could be one of the game changers for CX work. It's also the only CX course that gives learners the chance to process what they have learned so that they really get it, so many other courses are like sausage factories."

Emotion has, of course, become a hot topic in recent years within the discipline of customer experience management - as indeed it has in many other fields of business management. 

"Emotions create memories and emotions drive behaviour," explains Sandra. "When you understand how to recognise and manage your own emotions you become more grounded, powerful and relatable. What's more, people trust you! When you become self aware you become a better colleague, customer and client because your skills in communication become fine tuned. There has never been a better time to perfect. your communication skills, become more relatable and more resilient!"

To learn more about the course, contact Sandra at [email protected]

Participants need to enrol by 10th Jan 2023 to be considered for the course. They will then receive their core text and access to the first week of learning materials by Saturday 14th January. The first live 90 minute session is on Tuesday 24th January 2023 at 17:00 UK time. The next eight sessions will be on the following Tuesdays. Reading / watching for the next week will be available each Wednesday along with the recording from the Tuesday session.

"We're delighted to partner with Sandra and support her work in this exciting field," said MyCustomer editor Neil Davey. "Sandra has been running highly successful courses for several years but the blending of customer experience management and emotional intelligence has never been more important. 

"This is a compact course that will rapidly familiarise attendees with the key tenets of customer experience management, and help them influence stakeholders in driving customer-centric change in their organisations."

Sandra adds: "I am over the moon that MyCustomer has become an educational partner with Ei Evolution Academy (part of Ei Evolution) as we take the Applied Customer Experience and Emotional Intelligence course to the next level in 2023! This will mean a richer learning experience for everyone on the course with even more support to propel their CX career!"

Sandra is able to guide you through the course content and will get to know more about your experience and aspirations so that you  get the most out of the course. Contact her at [email protected].