Revolutionising the housing market with Conversational AI technology

20th Jul 2020
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Rotterdam, The Netherlands: CX Company, the European leader in chatbot technology & conversational AI helps housing associations Orbit and VIVID Homes reduce costs. Contact from tenants is typically complex and expensive. Orbit and VIVID Homes are scaling down these costs by providing automated transactions and conversations via smart chatbots.

Smart Chatbots support financial growth in the Housing Market 

Orbit and VIVID Homes are two of the first housing associations in the UK to provide an extra layer of support to the tenants of their more than 200,000 homes by implementing a smart chatbot. They gather thousands of new interactions and gain more in-depth knowledge of their tenant's issues. 

"The dashboards in the chatbot platform have provided us with a good insight into what our customers look for on our website" says Yasmin Inkeroe from the Customer Experience Team at VIVID Homes. “The chatbot has also been very useful in sign posting people to info on our website about COVID-19” adds Chantal Mitchell, Customer Experience Manager at VIVID Homes. 

Orbit and VIVID Homes are handling complete transactions online. For example, submitting a request to reschedule an appointment or report anti-social behaviour. While both companies cannot share any hard results yet, the chatbots have had a positive impact on both call volumes and average handling times.

With around 2000 registered social housing providers and over 5 million residents in the UK, there is an endless list of support needs in the housing market. Rental enquiries, service delays, home repairs, anti-social behaviour, the list goes on. Housing associations not only need to provide quality homes for their tenants, they also need to deliver exceptional customer service.

‘’The longer we develop our bot, and other digital initiatives, the more we will build on our knowledge, but ultimately, it’s about returning the most accurate answer to our customers by turning conversations into valuable interactions and having a new digital channel for our customers which is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week’’ says Julie Kay, Channel Development Manager at Orbit Housing.


A Simple solution with high returns

Smart chatbots are already handling conversations across a variety of different sectors. They have proven to double NPS, reduce service costs by 27%, and increase conversion rates by 35%. With some chatbot providers, integration with other smart systems such as live chat platforms and Google Assistant is also a possibility, creating a seamless flow in the customer journey.

Smart chatbots provide housing associations with an extra layer for handling customer contact, ensuring that questions can be answered at any hour of the day, across every device. The implementation of these chatbots would normally take a few days to set up.


"The housing market has a lot to gain from this innovative technology when it comes to serving its customers and saving costs. They can use chatbots to provide quick and direct solutions to the more commonly known questions and issues that tenants need support with, allowing customer support agents to focus on more complex and urgent enquiries and put the savings towards further growth investments.” Simon Foot, Director UK & I, CX Company


About CX Company & DigitalCX: 

CX Company enables enterprises to set up automated, intelligent and personalized conversations in every step of the customer journey, on any digital channel and device. Its conversation platform, DigitalCX, automates conversations via smart chatbots and online intelligent assistants. Automated conversations that can be up and running within a day. 

CX Company handles more than 5 million interactions a day and has improved the customer experience for organisations such as OHRA, TUI, Ben, Missguided, InShared, Nationale Nederlanden, AEGON, Ditzo, a.s.r., KLM, Talkmobile, Plusnet, Anglian Water and Eneco.
CX Company has offices in Rotterdam, Maastricht, Düsseldorf, Paris and London.