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Ei Evolution
The Ei Evolution Summit + isn’t your regular event. It is a two-part, five-month long schedule of...

The Ei Evolution Summit+ launches - discount for MyCustomer members

4th May 2021
Brought to you by
Ei Evolution
The Ei Evolution Summit + isn’t your regular event. It is a two-part, five-month long schedule of...

Today is May the 4th (be with you), the international day of wishing people success. Today also marks the launch of a new global conference in a never seen before format.

The Ei Evolution Summit+ isn’t your regular event. It is a two-part, five-month long schedule of talks, workshops and expert interviews culminating into a two-day summit.

Sandra Thompson, a TEDx speaker and curator of the Ei Evolution Summit+, believes that emotions, emotional intelligence, and empathy are the Forces behind the experiences of the future. These experiences unlock the potential of happier workplaces with healthier staff, happier customers. They help businesses achieve better results.

You’d be mistaken to think this is yet another online event. Indeed, Sandra explains: “This is a novel concept, where the event is in two parts, which is why we have the plus sign after the word Summit. We will start with the ‘Ei Learning Lounge’, five months of talks, workshops discussions and debates led by practitioners, academics and solution providers across the fields of Employee Experience (EX), Customer Experience (CX), Remote Work Experience (RX) and Wellness. Each session will focus on the role emotional intelligence, emotions and empathy play in these contexts and how they can unlock and harness the real power of being more human!”

It’s not every day that one programme takes on the mammoth task of bringing CX, EX and RX together, with a pinch of wellness for good measure.

“The Wellness aspect might have surprised you, but it is a critical enabler to the other three topics. These sessions will help attendees learn genuinely practical ways to look after their own physical and mental wellbeing. A real highlight of these sessions will be the ‘Senses Sessions’ which will include fascinating immersive sessions such as Bhangra Dancing, Laughing Yoga and Sounds Baths!”

The Ei Learning Lounge can be seen as an extended warm up, a build-up that culminates into a two-day programme in October 2021. The first day will be headlined by none other than the legendary Dr Daniel Goleman and Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett, the foremost experts in emotional intelligence and emotions, respectively. They will be joined by 14 other thought leaders across the fields of CX, EX and RX.

The second day will be all about practicality, with 12 ‘how to’ workshops with world-class facilitators focusing on topics such as storytelling, writing a winning business case and sharpening up your listening skills to name just a few.

The amazing thing about this event is that every participant will take on their very own learning journey as all content will be recorded. They can experience, ’on-demand’ and as many times as they desire, a rich catalogue of insightful and helpful content about CX, EX and RX.

The initial spark to the EI Evolution Summit+ idea was Sandra’s own TEDx, where she connected remote work, emotional intelligence, and customer experience, highlighting research that showed those who excel at remote working (not those that were forced into it by the pandemic) have higher levels of emotional intelligence. Sandra believes that this could well be the missing ingredient for companies to create emotional connections with their customers and colleagues. With the Ei Evolution Summit+, Sandra wants to raise the profile of and share examples of emotion, emotional intelligence and empathy in our changing world of work.

Kick-off will be on May 10, with the first Ei Learning Lounge. This will be a fireside chat with Paul Richardson, Client Experience Director at HSBC and the first of over 50 sessions across five months leading up to the star-studded two-days summit.

There is a 10% discount for all MyCustomer members, using the discount code: MYC10.

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