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iPerceptions is a leading digital customer research company that is evolving digital analytics,...
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Welcome to the new iperceptions

16th Mar 2018
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iPerceptions is a leading digital customer research company that is evolving digital analytics,...
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Would you scale Mount Everest without a guide?

iperceptions has been at the forefront of the Voice of the Customer (VoC) space ever since we were founded nearly two decades ago, helping the world's leading brands improve the Customer Experience (CX) at every stage of their customer journey.

Today, we reaffirm our position as your experienced guide to a successful VoC program with the launch of our new logo and tagline. 


 iperceptions logo


A lot has changed in the VoC space since our inception, thanks to a surge in technological advancements that have allowed consumers to more easily interact with their favorite brands.

But two things have always remained key to any successful VoC program, and are the essence of iperceptions' modus operandi:

  • The need to collect feedback from your customers to better understand their experiences at every stage of their lifecycle.
  • The value of expertise in executing a VoC program so you can align internally and act quicker than the competition.

Our new logo and tagline communicate these immutable aspects of a VoC program and will remain our guiding posts as we move forward. 


Our new look, explained

Let's start with the speech bubble emerging from the white space, which highlights the fuel of everything we do – customer feedback

This visual representation of feedback demonstrates how our VoC platform and our team of experts help brands collect and analyze the feedback of real people in real situations, across all channels in the customer lifecycle. 

At iperceptions, we also believe the value of VoC comes from the actions you take based on the insights gleaned from customer feedback. That's why surrounding the speech bubble, we include a homage to analysis to show how we provide brands with a guided approach to all aspects of their VoC program, from research design to survey implementation to data analysis and recommendations.


A nod to our extensive expertise in the VoC space

On top of introducing a new logo, we are also pleased to unveil a new tagline - GUIDED BY EXPERIENCE. 

Over the years, we’ve amassed a level of expertise that is only possible from having designed and launched 1000s of VoC programs on behalf of the world’s most well-known brands across a wide range of industries. 

During this time, we’ve also continued to develop best practices and expertise that have allowed customer-centric brands to get an objective view of their customers. A view that sprouts accurate, unbiased and useful insights that can be trusted when making key business decisions. 

‘Guided by Experience’ is the embodiment of what we will always strive to be - your trusted expert VoC guide who is there to help you scale the CX mountain.


An eye on VoC innovation

With the iperceptions brand being synonymous with VoC innovation, we wanted to more effectively integrate the iperceptions brand within our nomenclature. By bolding the 'iper' in our new logo, this will be used as the base of our new naming structure for our technologies moving forward. 

As part of this shift, two of our existing technologies have been renamed:  

  • AI Text Analytics is now iper.text
  • Advanced Exploration is now iper.explore

We will also be releasing new cutting-edge technologies in the near future that will join the iper family, so stay tuned!

We hope you are as excited as we are about our new branding, and we look forward to continuing to guide the world's most respected brands to become customer-centric organizations.


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