Writing your way well; the magic of journaling with Tracey McEachran

16th Jun 2021
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Ei Evolution
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The Ei Evolution Summit is all about emotion, emotional intelligence and empathy combined with Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Remote Work Experience.

Social awareness is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. To become more emotionally intelligent, you must first improve your social awareness. Social awareness can be built through journaling.

Combining her experience as an artist and coach, Tracey McEachran will be running a 90 minute workshop in the Ei Learning Lounge on Friday 18th June at 3pm BST. The aim of the session is to show you how you can use creativity to take notice of and increase wellbeing on a daily basis.

Tracey believes that whilst this subject is serious, we don’t have to be. She states ‘it is through creativity and play that we can connect with our unconscious to get a clearer view of the habitual patterns and thoughts that diminish our wellbeing’.

Titled ‘Writing your way well; the magic of journaling’ the session, will give you the opportunity to:

  1.  Explore the benefits of regular journaling,
  2.  Learn how to use drawing and poetry to quickly explore wellbeing,
  3.  Receive creative hacks that will bring energy into a virtual or live meeting.

This session is perfect for anyone who wants to use a creative approach to positively work on their own or their team’s wellbeing.

To be taught by Tracey on how to improve your emotional intelligence through journaling, whilst also improving your wellbeing, sign up here: https://register.eievolutionsummit.com/ei-summit . By registering, you will also save your seat to the 2 Day Ei Evolution Summit, as well as receiving access to all the Ei Learning Lounge sessions on demand. This is something you don’t want to miss!