CRM: 2017 guide

The CRM technology market is evolving at breakneck speed, but what are the challenges being faced by those using CRM systems on a day-to-day basis? We dive into CRM as it stands in 2017, unearthing the trends and obstacles businesses face, talking to experts and practitioners to provide practical guidance on the elements that matter most.  

CRM towards the light
23rd Feb 2017
All is seemingly rosy in the land of CRM . The market continues to be a prosperous one, having increased year on year to become worth $26.3...
27th Feb 2017
The process of requirements gathering is an important step on the path to implementing a CRM system into the organisation. In fact, CRM...
Target missed
2nd Mar 2017
The process of purchasing and implementing a CRM system can be tricky at the best of times. But you can start off on the wrong foot if you...
Money torch
9th Mar 2017
One of the biggest factors that influences a company’s choice of CRM solution is cost. But the reality is that determining the cost of a...
Hidden costs
21st Mar 2017
In a previous chapter of the MyCustomer CRM guide , we collated the cost of CRM systems , per head, per month. However, there are several...
16th Mar 2017
One of the most crucial elements of the CRM evaluation and selection process is the vendor demo. With investment in CRM often considerable...
23rd Mar 2017
If you have made the appropriate preparations in advance , your organisation can be confident that you go into the demo in the best...
Multi tenant
30th Mar 2017
It’s a question many project leaders will ask in the early stages of implementation – how do you choose between single- and multi-tenant...
Thumbs up
6th Apr 2017
Crowning a particular tool as the “best” CRM solution is a tricky task. Each business has their own needs and demands, and their individual...
28th Mar 2017
Think you’re ready to pull the trigger on a CRM implementation? Think again! A new CRM system represents a significant investment of time...
Leader spanner
7th Mar 2017
As LinkedIn attests, there may be somewhere close to 20,000 people in head of CRM roles across the globe. By this measure, hiring a CRM...
13th Mar 2017
In 2010, David Cameron’s recently elected coalition government announced the launch of a new operation – the provocatively-named “nudge...
CRM future
11th Apr 2017
Remember when 2020 used to be the date we pinned all of our visions of the future to? A distant dreamscape beyond the horizon, where hover...