How to deal with the modern complainer

15th Mar 2019

Customers are becoming more expectant, complaining at higher volume across an increasingly disparate selection of channels. How does a company's complaints team keep up?

In this podcast we discuss the highly contentious topic of complaint handling, how it feeds into the overall drive towards improving customer experience, how businesses currently deal with complaints, whether they’re any good at it, the science and technology behind those that deal with complaints best and some tips and advice for those that don’t.

We examine:

- Why social media might not be a valid platform to complain to a company.
- Why technology is helping brands get to the bottom of what's making customers dissatisfied before they officially complain.
- How psychology and behavioural economics are equipping the frontline complaints handlers in businesses with the linguistic tools they require to cope with customer rants. 
- What businesses can do to improve their complaint handling process.

We enlist the help of author and customer rights champion, The Complaining Cow, Helen Dewdney, VP of strategic alliances at Rant and Rave, Rew Golding, behavioural designer for Cowry Consulting, Ella Morrison and head of customer experience for Atom Bank, Michael Sherwood.

Helen Dewdney Rew Golding Ella Morrison Michael Sherwood
Helen Dewdney Rew Golding Ella Morrison Michael Sherwood



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