How to restart your customer experience programme

In this episode of our Connecting the Dots podcast, we speak with David Hart, CX manager for Kia Motors, about how customer experience leaders can restart their CX programmes after coronavirus. 

8th Oct 2020

When coronavirus hit the globe, it brought many businesses to a near standstill.

For those working in customer experience, this meant CX programmes being paused and scaled back. However, as organisations try to reestablish themselves after over 6 months of uncertainty, what happens to those CX programmes?

In this podcast, we talk to David Hart, customer experience manager for Kia Motors, about how he and his CX team are setting about doing just that - restarting their CX programme. We discuss:

- what David and his team were working on prior to the pandemic
- what happened to that work in the immediate aftermath of COVID-19 hitting the globe
- how his team have gone about reinstating the work they were doing prior to coronavirus, and what's changed
- what advice David has for other CX leaders looking to do the same, and how he believes the role of CX professional has changed as a result of COVID-19

Podcast guests:

David Hart Chris Ward

David Hart

Chris Ward

Customer Experience Manager,
Kia Motors


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