Podcast: How to deliver proactive customer service

16th May 2017

25% of all calls into the call centre are avoidable. But how?​ We look at the rise of 'proactive' customer service, and some of the mechanisms and new ideas that are allowing brands to solve customer issues way before they’re allowed to escalate. 

In this podcast we enlist the help of author and customer experience expert, Adrian Swinscoe and futurologist for BT Global Services, Dr. Nicola Millard, to establish what proactive customer service is, some examples of how leading brands are doing it well, and some practical steps for anyone trying to make their own customer service operations more proactive.

You'll hear:

  • Why the new breed of expectant, impatient customer is forcing many brands to find alternatives to more traditional, reactive forms of customer service.
  • How Anglian Water is using push notifications to  inform customers of service disruption before it occurs, dramatically cutting the number of inbound calls their contact centre receives in the process.
  • The new technologies allowing businesses to make better use of data both within and outside the contact centre. 
  • How brands are able to lean on data to become more predictive in their communications with customers, and the pitfalls for those that overstep the mark.
  • Adrian and Nicola's top tips for brands starting out on the road to becoming more proactive with their customer service.  

For a full transcription of the podcast, click here

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By Howard Jones
05th May 2017 16:32

Hi Chris, I am deaf, is it possible to get a transcript of this discussion please?

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Replying to Howard Jones:
Chris Ward
By Chris Ward
05th May 2017 17:36

Absolutely Howard, I can get this over to you shortly.

As a heads up, we'll also be running a written series on this topic in June.

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Replying to Howard Jones:
Chris Ward
By Chris Ward
08th May 2017 17:23

Howard - please follow this link for a full transcription:


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