Podcast: Is the gig economy the future of customer service?

In this episode of our Connecting the Dots podcast, we talk to Megan Neale, founder of 'gig CX' platform, Limitless, about whether the gig economy has a future in the customer service and contact centre sector. 

5th Oct 2021

At the point where we go live with this podcast, it’s National Customer Service Week in the UK.

On MyCustomer.com, to coincide with NCSW week, we’re publishing and broadcasting an array of content that’s looking at the future of customer service in a little more detail, and challenging the status quo.

It could be argued that nothing challenges the status quo more than the gig economy, and in this episode of Connecting the Dots we speak with Megan Neale, COO of Limitless - a platform that connects businesses up to people who want to ‘gig’ in the customer service sector.

We discuss:

  • The trends that led to Megan and her co-founders launching a gig platform for customer service.
  • What the benefits of 'GigCX' are for both business and prospective giggers.
  • What the challenges are of launching a gigging platform in the service sector and how Megan and Limitless respond to some of the more negative accusations that are thrown at the gig economy.
  • How 'employees' are selected to gig via Limitless and the traits and skills required from those that work for it.
  • What the future holds for gigging both in customer service and why recent acquisitions in the tech space (Facebook/ Customer, Slack/ Salesforce) highlight the need for new models and innovation in digital customer service.

We also discuss how COVID has impacted the service sector and the potential for GigCX to become more widespread as a result of the mass migration to working from home we’ve seen in the last 18 months or so.

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