Podcast: Why your customer surveys (probably) suck

21st Jul 2017

According to OpinionLab, 72% of customers say surveys interfere with their experiences online, whilst 80% of customers state they often abandon surveys halfway through filling them out.

As consumers we’re more expectant and impatient than ever before. Yet we’re being bombarded with an increasing number of communications asking us to give brands our feedback on products and services. Have we reached peak survey?

In this podcast we enlist the help of InMoment’s head of client services, EMEA, James Bolle, customer behaviour specialist and managing director of Deliberata, Dr. Tom Wormald, and Marks and Spencer’s international operations manager, John Heatherington. We discuss:  

  • Whether customer surveys are still relevant
  • The psychological and behavioural traits that influence customers in the surveying process
  • How Marks and Spencer introduced a new survey to over 400 stores around the globe
  • The do’s and don’ts of surveying customers


 Dr. Tom Wormald                         John Heatherington                       James Bolle                                      Chris Ward




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By LinkedIn Group Member
24th Jul 2017 16:00

Comment posted by Nikhil Datar in LinkedIn group CRM & Customer Experience Professionals:
Customer surveys are good. However, they also represent how companies substitute their lack of understanding about the obvious value that customers expect with the farce of "independent customer opinions". I find it very discouraging that there is so much basic cognitive integrity and ability missing in companies

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