2nd Oct 2014
When did customers become so darned complicated? Over the last five years, the way that customers interact with organisations and brands...
Snakes and ladders
2nd Jul 2018
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Journey map
16th Jul 2018
What are the key ingredients of a comprehensive customer journey map? And what are the key tasks you need to perform in order to create a...
16th Oct 2014
Although a great deal of time and effort needs to be invested in building a customer journey map, the value is not actually in the map...
20th Oct 2014
Customer opinions are given most of the time as qualitative data (soft data) and not as quantitative data (hard data). But it is possible...
23rd Oct 2014
A growing number of organisations are now undertaking customer journey mapping. But the reality is they are doing this wrong. Firstly, many...
Journey map
23rd Jul 2018
Understanding your customer and how they interact with your business directly and indirectly is critical in driving improved value, repeat...
Epic fail
13th Aug 2018
What are the biggest issues that can undermine the success of your customer journey mapping programme? Customer journey mapping is becoming...
3rd Sep 2018
Employee journey mapping is every bit as important as customer journey mapping, and needs to be focused on before we can get the customer...