Eye data
21st Nov 2018
How can companies understand and capitalise on omnichannel behaviour when haphazard customer journeys are increasingly the new normal?...
16th Nov 2018
What role can a CDP play in unifying customer data, and ultimately, customer experiences? Elon Musk may have lost his way down some dark...
Data Platforms
29th Oct 2018
“CDP”. Just another acronym for marketers and CX leaders to digest, or a genuine technology solution to halt your data despair? We examine...
Well, you can paint a very bad picture of them from a bean-counter’s perspective The technology costs money, they add another item to the...
Cash register
28th Nov 2018
What do you need to consider before investing in a customer data platform? In the latest in our series on the rise of CDPs, we ask IT...
To counteract customer churn rate, brands need to keep their customers engaged, create engaging content, and deliver personalised customer...