Blueprint customer experience
22nd Feb 2019
DHL Freight undertook a comprehensive and programmatic overhaul of its customer experience. Here we explore the steps it took and what...
customer experience evolution
19th Mar 2019
In 2015 DHL Freight rolled out a model for customer experience maturity measurement to provide a platform for CX improvement, which would...
Binoculars customer experience vision
3rd Apr 2019
A checklist to enable you to assess the maturity of your organisation's customer vision. MyCustomer recently highlighted the growing...
Heart live chat empathy
7th May 2019
A checklist to help your organisation assess how customer-centric its culture is - and understand how to improve it. MyCustomer recently...
Binoculars customer experience vision
4th Jun 2019
As MyCustomer launches CX Leader of the Year , we share a checklist to help you assess how visionary your leadership is. After recently...
Engaged employees
25th Jun 2019
A checklist to help your organisation assess how engaged and empowered your employees are to deliver superior customer experiences. After...
10th Mar 2017
Throughout the year so far, we have examined the CEM maturity model – an increasingly popular framework that organisations use to assess...
Experience design
19th Jul 2017
A growing number of global organisations are using the Customer Experience Management (CEM) Maturity Model to benchmark their customer...