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The science of choice and irrational customer experiences

In this episode of our Connecting the Dots podcast, we talk to author Jen Clinehens about her new book and the role of behavioural science in customer experience.

23rd Jun 2020
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When the coronavirus crisis first hit the Western world, one thing many experts and those in the media prophesised was that the negative word association with the pandemic would lead to Corona beer sales falling sharply. 38% of Americans said they would not buy Corona beer "under any circumstances."

Behavioural scientists, however, predicted the exact opposite would happen. They were right. Sales of Corona quietly grew 28.8% in the US alone, by April 2020.

This example is one that highlights how irrational consumer behaviour can be, and that irrationality is something many customer experience professionals should be factoring into CX design. 

In this Connecting the Dots podcast, we speak to author Jen Clinehens about this exact topic, whilst also discussing the thesis behind her new book Choice Hacking – How to use psychology and behavioural science to create an experience that sings. 

The book covers off an array of psychological and behavioural science theory whilst providing CX professionals with the means to put theory into practice. Among the topics covered in the book and discussed in the podcast include: 

  • The pros and cons of offering customers choice
  • Why we need to provide more simplified experiences  
  • The importance of defaults and understanding default bias
  • The benefits of designing experiences with customer emotion in mind
  • How to understand irrational behavior and ‘irrational experiences’.

Jen heads up experience for the global agency, The Marketing Store, who include a number of massive brands as part of their clientele, including McDonald’s and Adidas. She resides in London but has lived all over the world, and has a background in advertising, product design, user experience, having previously worked with AT&T for 5 years on all of those things and more.

Link to the book: https://choicehacking.com/
MyCustomer's customer emotion hub: https://www.mycustomer.com/hub/how-to-serve-your-customers-emotional-needs

Podcast guests:

Jen Clinehens Chris Ward
Jen Clinehens Chris Ward
Choice Hacking


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