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"We were relying on our history more than our customer experience"

In this edition of the Connecting the Dots podcast, we talk to Jeffrey Newman, manager of customer care in North America for Porsche, about the iconic car brand's shift to a service and CX focus.  

23rd Apr 2020
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It is expected that by 2022, around the globe, there will be 125 million cars with embedded internet connectivity. 

With the automotive industry increasingly shifting to competing on digital capabilities rather than manufacturing alone, customer support and service has become a huge battleground for most producers. 

In this podcast we talk to Jeffrey Newman, who heads up customer care at Porsche North America, and who has been at the centre of the shift from product to service and experience. We discuss:

- Why service now such a key component of the Porsche experience as its cars move to become 'always on' connected vehicles
- The rationale behind the company's customer care training programme, Excite, and how it feeds into the wider customer experience ethos of the brand
- The role of Quality Assurance in building a robust customer care programme for Porsche's employees
- Why upskilling contact centre agents is so important to delivering on the company's mantra of being a CX leader

On this podcast:

Jeffrey Newman Chris Ward
Manager, customer care
Porsche North America
Jeffrey Newman Chris Ward

Additional resources:

More information on Porsche's Excite programme
MyCustomer's research report: Rise of the Customer Experience Leader


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