What data is required to create a customer journey map?

In this episode of our Connecting the Dots podcast, we look at customer journeys and how the process of journey mapping helps you understand your customers better.

9th Oct 2019

With the help of Amy Scott, service design expert and founder of Sedulous, Claire Sporton, SVP of customer experience for Confirmit, and Stacy Sherman, head of CX for Schindler Elevator Corp (USA). & owner of DoingCXRight.com, we discuss:

  • What customer journey mapping is
  • How to map 'as is' and 'to be' journeys
  • Why data is central to successful journey mapping
  • The type of data required and the role of Voice of the Customer programmes
  • How to map journeys for products that haven't yet been launched
Amy Scott Claire Sporton Stacy Sherman
Amy Scott Claire Sporton Stacy Sherman
SVP of CX,
Head of CX,
Schindler Elevator
Corp (USA)

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By SaraS
05th May 2022 20:03

I love this podcast - this one, the one about "What data is required to create a customer journey map?" I've listened to it three times and have no intention of ever stopping... and it's not just to get to the song at the end (one of my all-time favorite bands). The reason I listen to it so often is because every time I walk away with a new action item. Something that I can do right now. If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and get a journey map done - this is a great place to start.

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