What does the rise of the conscious consumer mean for customer experience?

In this episode of our Connecting the Dots podcast, we discuss why COVID-19 has led to a renewed focus on conscious consumption, and why it matters so much to customer experience and service professionals.

6th Aug 2020

At the end of July, a new bit of research landed from LiveArea titled Selling Sustainability: Adapting to the New Conscious Consumer. In that research, it was highlighted that over a third of UK & Irish shoppers had become more ‘conscious’ about their shopping habits since March’s COVID lockdown, citing the need for the products they bought to be more naturally and locally sourced, sustainable and recyclable.

In this podcast we discuss what we mean by conscious consumers, and why COVID-19 has seen a rise in conscious consumption. We also explain why this relates not just to the design and marketing of your products but also the the ethics and responsibility of your business, its impact on the environment, the way it treats its employees as well as its customers, the type of communication it puts out and its approach to health and safety.

Crucially, we also discuss why all of this matters to CX and customer service professionals, and how to design better experiences and offer exceptional customer service that tap into a more conscious consumer.

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Podcast guests:

Dave Pattman Victoria Taylor Rebecca Pinn

Dave Pattman
Managing Director,
CX Services,
Gobeyond Partners

Victoria Taylor
CX & digital marketing

Rebecca Pinn
Associate Director,
Innovation Strategy
EPAM Continuum


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