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What have we learned from 20 years of the experience economy?

In this edition of the Connecting the Dots podcast, we speak to the internationally-acclaimed author, Joe Pine, about his book The Experience Economy, and what 20 years have taught us since the book's release in 2019.

27th Nov 2019
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Joe Pine is an internationally-acclaimed author, speaker, and management advisor to a multitude of Fortune 500 companies.

Joe began his distinguished career as an IBM’er in the 1980s, prior to meeting his business partner and co-author on a number of books, James H. Gilmore.

Perhaps Joe and James' most renowned book is 1999's The Experience Economy, and in this podcast we talk to Joe about the book's success, including its recent reedition as a hardback to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

We discuss:

  • The three 'Cs' of becoming an experience business - Customisation, Commoditisation and Commodification.
  • Why in order to be a true experience business, you have to charge your customers for their time.
  • Why service businesses are 'time well-saved', whereas experience businesses are 'tie well-spent'.
  • How the internet has helped shape the experience economy in the 20 years since Joe and James' book release.
  • Why popular 'fad' cultures such as escape rooms are indicative of the experience economy in full effect.
  • Where customer experience sits as a discipline within the experience economy.

Here's a link to Joe and James' recently published hardback edition of The Experience Economy, as mentioned in the podcast:

Here's a link to an event Joe will be speaking at on December 5th, in London:

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