What will customer service look like in 2030?

In this edition of the Connecting the Dots podcast, we look ahead to the next decade and establish what the future holds for customer service.

17th Feb 2020

MyCustomer's Connecting the Dots podcast takes a non-speculative, sensible look at the future – specifically customer service - and how it will evolve in the next decade leading up to 2030.

We discuss some of the trends occurring in the business world and how they will likely affect our approach to customer service in the coming ten years, as well as providing some guidance on what you and your organisation might need to focus on, to ensure your approach to service, and indeed, experience, keeps pace with your customers’ requirements.

Among the topics discussed:

  • Why chatbots and smart speakers are currently too dumb to own customer service
  • What artificial intelligence's role in customer service is likely to be in 2030
  • Why the United airlines passenger ejection scandal in 2017 highlights the vital role customer empathy is set to play in the next decade
  • How silos are hampering businesses' capacity to be truly empathetic to their customers' needs
  • The role 'proactive' customer service is set to play in 2030
  • Why it could be argued that great customer service in 2030 might mean no customer service department at all

Podcast guests 

Brendan Dykes Nicola Millard Alex Allwood
Brendan Dykes Dr. Nicola Millard Alex Allwood
Genesys BT All Work Together

Additional resources

As mentioned in the podcast:


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