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Why customer experience can't be your sole source of competitive differentiation

In this edition of the Connecting the Dots podcast, we talk to author and co-founder of Methodical, Matt Watkinson, about his two books on the topic of CX, whilst debunking some of the discipline's most common myths.

24th Mar 2020
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MyCustomer's Connecting the Dots podcast speaks to author and CX design guru, Matt Watkinson about the motivation and reaction to his two published books - 2013's The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences and 2019’s The Grid

Matt explains why his work as co-founder of helped to highlight the need for a basic set of principles to abide by through the process of customer experience design, which eventually led to penning his first book, The Ten Principles... 

We also discussed a number of issues currently blighting the customer experience profession, including:

- Why many CX professionals don't often consider enough their business's requirements when designing customer experiences, and the issues this can present.
- Why customer-centricity shouldn't be a goal, and why the idea of any kind of 'centricity' in business cannot deliver on its promise. 
- Why delivering 'effortless' experiences is much harder than many CX leaders often realise.
- Why customer experience should never be considered as a sole competitive differentiator.   

On this podcast:

Matt Watkinson Chris Ward
CEO & co-founder, Methodical Editor,
Matt Watkinson Chris Ward

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