CRM Playaz

For the past 15 years independent analysts Paul Greenberg and Brent Leary have been talking about the good, bad and ugly they see taking place in CRM, CX and any other acronym being thrown around in the industry. 

The last 13 years they’ve been doing it as the CRM Playaz, a show that started as a sporadic podcast and has grown into a weekly livestream airing Thursdays at 3pm ET on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Each week they welcome industry executives, influencers and thought leaders – including the CRM Playaz-in-Residence – to tackle the big issues of the week in the industry, in between laughs and taking shots at the New England Patriots. 

Their studio arm – Playaz Productions – sponsors Executive Roundtables, Watch Parties for industry keynote speeches, a weekly Happier Hour and a corporate Band competition (Bring Your Own Band – BYOB).