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COMING SOON: Season 2 of the CX Leader Sessions


MyCustomer announces its latest month-long series of on-demand and live digital talks, aimed at helping customer experience professionals further enhance their skillset via advice and best practice from industry luminaries and fellow real-world CX leaders. 

1st Apr 2022
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MyCustomer is excited to announce the second season of its CX Leader Sessions, running from 25th April to 31st May.

The month-long series of on-demand and live digital talks is aimed at helping customer experience professionals further enhance their skillset via advice and best practice from fellow real-world CX leaders and some of the world's most influential thinkers. 

Joining us for the latest season are some of the biggest names in the field including the creator of NPS Fred Reichheld and the Godfather of CRM Paul Greenberg, alongside leading customer experience figures from industry giants such as AmazonAegon and Virgin Money.

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CX Leader Sessions

Sessions include:

A live event taking place on 27th April at 11AM (BST), this Session will explore what roles CX leaders play in creating customer emotion and meaningful experiences, and how they can create the processes required to start monitoring, analysing and actioning emotion derived from customer interactions. The panel will also be taking questions from the audience. Joining us will be:

  • Peter Dorrington, founder of XMplify Consulting
  • Iain O'Connor, Senior Manager CX & Insight at Aegon
  • Madeleine Linden,  Senior Manager, CX Insight at Virgin Money UK Plc
  • Simon Fraser, VP, Customer Experience Strategy at InMoment

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MyCustomer’s latest research around a third of customer experience leaders believe that technology is one of the biggest obstacles to their CX programme’s success. This on-demand Session discusses why the CX technology landscape is perceived to be so complicated, whether csutomer experience technology is un-user friendly, and how CX leaders can make technology procurement and usage easier. Joining us on this Session are:

  • Paul Greenberg, founder of the 56 Group, and author of CRM at the Speed of Light.
  • Jamie Thorpe, head of customer experience management at Ipsos. 

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In this live Session taking place on 4th May at 11AM, we discuss the dramatic increase in the number of accreditations, certifications, award ceremonies, and CX influencer rankings that are populating the world of customer experience management. Is this a sign of the industry maturing and celebrating its achievements - or that it is being exploited through activities that will ultimately harm the development of the CX discipline? Moderated by MyC editor Neil Davey, and taking questions from the audience, this Session will feature:

  • Graham Hill, director at Optima Partners
  • Alex Mead, executive director of customer service experience, GCC Start-Up

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A live event taking place on 19th May at 11AM BST, this Session will explore how Voice of the Customer programmes have become more important than ever as customer behaviours and preferences have changed over the past two years - and how VoC programmes have themselves had to evolve to adapt to the changing customer. Joining us will be:

  • Karen Morton, CX strategy, insights & enablement, AN Post
  • Amanda Whiteside, head of WW customer optimization & enablement, Amazon Web Services
  • Frank Sherlock, VP, CallMiner

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In this on-demand Session, we ask the godfather of NPS - Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company - to take part in our 10 in 10: Ten questions in ten minutes. We'll get the lowdown on NPS past and present and why we're in the midst of an 'NPS 3.0', as well as why this version of the much-used and oft-maligned customer metric is different to its previous incarnations.

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Helen Dewdney spends her days fighting for consumer rights as The Complaining Cow. In this on-demand CX Leader Session she'll impart her experience of what it is that most commonly frustrates and angers consumers about dealing with brands and their customer service departments. Crucially, she shares her wisdom on the simple fixes most organisations fail to implement that could resolve many of these grievences.

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In this on-demand Session, we share a real-world case study of empathy in action. 2021 CX Leader of the Year finalist Nicki Phillips-Lord oversees the vulnerable customer programme for UK insurance provider M&G, and in this Session Nicki will present her approach to tackling the issue of vulnerability, her key learnings from overseeing the programme and best practices including:

- What is customer vulnerability?
- How does the current economic/social picture impact vulnerability?
- Why should organisations consider vulnerability?
- What can organisations do to better improve services for vulnerable people?

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