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Free global CX benchmarking service launches


Fill out a 15-20 minute survey and receive a report comparing your organisation's performance to other companies and an explanation of how and where customer experience improvements can be made. 

5th Nov 2021
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A free service that has been helping businesses in Finland to benchmark their customer experience programmes against peers and highlight areas for improvement is now going international, in partnership with MyCustomer. 

Participants in the CEM Benchmark Survey complete a survey, the contents of which are evaluated against the Shirute Customer Experience Management Index to identify the level of CEM maturity. This report is then sent back to the participant, comparing your organisation's performance to other companies and sharing an explanation of how and where CX improvements can be made. 

The survey only takes 15-20 minutes to fill out, but questionnaires need to be completed by November 26th to be included in this year's study. As a further incentive, Shirute is offering two lucky participants tickets to its CX Masterclass (valued at 1,590 euros each) as part of a lucky draw amongst those taking part this year. 

The service was developed by Finnish CX agency Shirute in collaboration with CXPA Finland in 2013 to evaluate customer experience capabilities and competencies. And after having been exclusively available to Finnish companies, Shirute is now taking the service global, in partnership with MyCustomer. 

By taking the survey, respondents will receive up-to-date information on the current state of customer experience management and the future of the profession, including your own score, and benchmarking data both from the point of view of your organisation and your peers. General research findings will be distributed to all participants.

And Finnish organisations who have been using the service can attest to the value that the insights can provide for the development of customer experience programmes. 

"All of the responses are scored against the Shirute CEM Benchmark Index. This index consists of five different areas, where the CEM competency of the participating organisations is scored: scope, governance, culture, tools and processes," explains Sirte Pihlaja, CEO and customer experience optimiser at Shirute. "As each participant takes the survey, their responses are aggregated with the general results, and we report on the overall results. We also provide organisation-specific scores for the main index and each of the five areas. Depending on their score, they end up on one of the four CEM maturity levels (Survivor, Apprentice, Executive or Visionary). Organisations who take the survey every year can see where they have been advancing, by comparing their own results. Some of the participants have told us that they use the results to help them in communicating or getting buy-in and funding for their investment plans.

"Many of the participants kept asking for more specific analysis and interpretation of their organisation's results, so we created the CEM Analysis service, which provides companies with exactly that - recommendations and suggestions on the next steps they should be taking. It's a combination of results scored with our state-of-the-art software solution and our expert analysis, paired with a conversation with the representatives from the organisation to talk about possible steps they need to take to get to the next level."

In addition to benchmarking your own organisation, respondents will be benefiting the industry at large. We want to find out how well and by what means different organisations around the world are developing and leading their customer experiences. And participation will ensure that we get as comprehensive, accurate and comparable understanding as possible about the current practices and future plans of different companies and public service organisations in this field, and help everyone serve their customers better.

Take the survey now to benchmark your organisation and benefit CX as a whole. 

"Originally, it was created simply to gather an overview of the existing state of customer experience management in the Finnish market," Sirte explains. "Soon, we started getting requests to visit organisations and present the results, so they could learn more from what others are doing and how they should interpret their own results. They also used the results as a vehicle to share customer understanding within their respective organisations - once I was asked to address an audience of 200 people in the room, so it turned into a veritable CX training! 

"We have asked the participants throughout the years why they value so highly this piece of research, and keep responding to the study. In most cases, it's either to better understand their own situation, or to learn more about what others are thinking and doing. Many participants tell us that they love it and keep returning to it because the survey works for them as a yearly checklist and reminder of what they have been doing, and what they ought to be focusing on next. We are also using it with our own clients to make them stop and think about all the different aspects that they need to take into consideration when running their CX programmes. It's a perfect tool for getting the big picture of CEM!"

Explaining the reason why the programme has now gone global, Sirte continues: "Last year we did a pilot and there seemed to be interest for a global benchmark. The decision was originally based on the wishes and development ideas we were getting from people who participate in the study. For a long time, we kept hearing about how they want to benchmark their skills also against CEM professionals abroad - especially the more advanced organisations expressed a clear need for this. It also makes it possible to make all kinds of interesting comparisons, without compromising the confidentiality, when you have more countries and organisations involved."

All responses will be handled confidentially and the research results reported only on an aggregate level, so that the answers of an individual organisation cannot be identified.

For more information on this FREE benchmark study, please visit the Shirute website.

Take the survey now to benchmark your organisation. 




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