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How to kickstart your career in customer experience management


While there are plenty of certification programmes to help senior leaders develop their customer experience skills, there has been a lack of accreditations for those just starting out in their careers - until now. 

14th Sep 2021

Many industries have a standard range of qualifications that can take you from beginner to expert.

But while customer experience has a growing number of certifications, they are mostly aimed at a corporate audience - and come with a hefty price tag! So, if you want to get started in customer experience, what can you do?

So where is the starting point?

Well, it’s not always with qualifications. 

In experience terms, nothing can beat being on the frontline with the customers themselves. What you won’t get from any training course is the emotion you feel when interacting with customers face-to-face or over the phone.

Millions of people across the world are serving customers on a daily basis. They are the lifeblood of shops and restaurants, they make or break the experience at theatres and leisure venues, and without them the hospitality industry wouldn’t be so hospitable!

The phrase “People buy from people” is very true and the reality is that customers either buy-in to the people who serve them, or they don't, depending on how they interact and shape the experience. What’s also true is that understanding customers is all about putting yourself in their shoes - if you can do that then identifying their frustrations and keeping them happy becomes easier.

What if I’m already working on the frontline?

Fantastic! Then you should already have the perfect grounding and understanding of the things that customers like and don’t like.

But sooner or later you will need or want to look for your next opportunity. The impact of COVID has forced thousands of very experienced customer service people to be looking for new roles. But you might also be at a key point in your career where you want to start looking for a new position or maybe applying for a promotion. It’s at this point that, for thousands of people, it’s difficult to prove your knowledge and experience in the customer service space.

Every company worldwide is looking for new employees to understand the principles of customer experience... and those that have them are in demand.

However, CX certifications can take a long time to study for, and most are aimed at more strategic or senior roles such as a head of customer experience. They are also expensive, and many don’t actually help you learn, they mainly confirm your knowledge.

How can I get started in proving my customer service knowledge?

This is where a free resource can help get you started. With so many people displaced, wants to give skilled customer service people a way to help certify their foundational customer service skills, knowledge and credibility.

It’s a free professional membership organisation for customer experience and service workers. It’s there to help certify your customer service skills, knowledge and credibility to potential employers gives you independent proof that you are a certified customer service professional, and that you understand the foundation principles of modern customer service.

  • It is completely FREE (no credit cards needed).
  • It enables you to become an "Accredited Customer Experience Professional" (ACXP for short).
  • It allows you to prove your credibility & certify your knowledge.
  • You will be able to display your e-badge with pride.
  • It will help you to get your CV noticed.

If you use your membership in your LinkedIn profile, CV & covering letters, it will help you to stand out from the crowd, potentially giving you the edge with new employers.

How does it work?

Simply register at and we will tell you how to gain access to:

  • An e-copy the CXaccredited Foundation Customer Experience course. 
  • An e-copy of their "Mastering LinkedIn" workbook.

Complete the course and then take the simple Knowledge Check. Don't worry, the workbook contains everything you need to know to complete it! You can take the Knowledge Check as many times as you like and when you achieve the pass mark you will have access to your ACXP membership e-badge to share on your LinkedIn profile, CV or covering letters.

Use your membership to prove you are professional and use our exclusive LinkedIn profile health check workbook, "Mastering LinkedIn", to help you get your LinkedIn profile noticed by recruiters.

It's a simple and free way to help you carve out a long and successful career in customer experience management. 

Join now at

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