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MyCustomer's 10 most popular blog posts of 2020


What have our community of bloggers been writing about this year - and which posts have struck a chord?

23rd Dec 2020
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MyCustomer's active community of bloggers have been sharing their thoughts on a wide variety of topics this year, delivering hot takes on the likes of AI, inclusion, change management, digital transformation and of course the pandemic

Let's look at our ten most-read blog posts to see what our community has been talking about - and what has resonated the most. 

1. COVID-19: Beware brand slogans that ring hollow

In times of need, you can really make a difference — and your customers will notice, says Martin Lindstrom. In difficult times, you can cement a lifelong relationship. Well, guess what folks? That’s now.

2. 10 ways to deal with customers during COVID-19

We are living in troubling times fraught with uncertainty. There are many questions about what comes next in the COVID-19 outbreak. Many of Colin Shaw's clients have been calling him about what to do. Here are ten things has has been telling them.

3. The 25 ultimate customer retention stats for 2020

Everyone knows better customer retention increases profits, but how do you retain customers for the long haul — and how much does customer retention really matter to your bottom line? Fortunately, Matt Moody has compiled all the research right here into one easy-to-understand digest. 

4. The best customer experience books of last year

Over the last year, Ricardo Saltz Gulko read around 65-80 books. Here he lists the best books he read during that time, including the top 17 books that discuss topics such as customer experience, employee experience – design, analytics, leadership, innovation, operations experience and real innovation. You will also find below a short list of new books and some from previous lists, that offer great added value – all related to customers.

5. Is your customer support team ready for COVID-19?

If you’re scrambling to respond to COVID-19, don’t worry. You’re not alone, and there are concrete steps you can take to prepare your team - and ensure your customers continue getting the top-notch service they deserve. Hannah Steiman identifies seven additional ways you can prepare your customer service team for a global health crisis. 

6. How to retain customers during coronavirus

A few tips from Brad Davis for how brick-and-mortar businesses can retain customers during the coronavirus outbreak.

7. How to leverage customer insights during COVID-19

In times of crisis, it’s tempting to think that your focus should be on supply chain or other aspects of the business. While sensible, this mindset hinders you from thinking about how situations like this can change customer behavior, perception, and preference. Now is the best time to listen to your customers voice so you can maintain your brand reputation and bounce back from the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Alon Ghelber suggests a few changes you need to make now so you can improve your customer experience during COVID-19.

8. Our 5 favourite customer experience articles

Amy Bennet Roach shares five of the best articles she's discovered recently that are on the top of her mind.

9. Customer experience during COVID-19

A strong, predictable and reliable customer experience is vital in times of crisis. But how exactly do you maintain such an experience with so much instability? Here are three ways to get started, courtesy of Sara Richter. 

10. How to engage your customers during the pandemic

Against a backdrop of ever-changing economic and legislative conditions, business leaders may feel overwhelmed. If there’s one key lesson for businesses right now, it’s the importance of communication and connectivity. From employees to customers to suppliers, keeping in touch is essential as we work together to mitigate the pandemic’s effects. But there is a major challenge in this – how do organisations step up communication levels when the business is under severe resource strain? Nicola Pero explains. 

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