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What have our community of bloggers been writing about this year - and which posts have resonated most with the audience?

15th Dec 2021

Despite not being as prevalent an issue as the previous year, the effects of covid-19 are still being felt both directly and indirectly across the CX industry, with much of the content that has been peaking our audience's interests in 2021, dealing with the changes and trends that have come about as a result of the pandemic. 

From digitisation, to service centres, to the gig economy — here are the 10 most-read pieces from the MyCustomer blogosphere in 2021. 

1. How the subscription economy is changing CX

Starting as we mean to go on — in our first entry, Charlotte Adelgaard explores how COVID-19 has brought about irreversible change to the CX industry. She argues that the economy will continue to become increasingly digital and subscription-based, and that CX needs to embrace these changes. 

2. Has customer success been powered by GigCX in 2021?

On reading a piece concerning eBay and gigs, one would be forgiven for assuming that it was about cheap concert tickets. This piece however, saw Limitless CEO Megan Neale exploring the merits of gig CX/gig customer service in a post-lockdown world, with eBay acting as a fascinating model for the discussion. 

3. How 2021 will shake-up digital CX expectations

The ripples of the COVID-19 tsunami continue to be felt in the next piece on our list, which takes a look at how 2021 provided fresh opportunities and concerns in the world of digital customer experience

4. Be there when customers need you, on their terms

Retaining contact with customers across a growing list of channels, is a challenge that businesses have been facing for some time. James Matthews looks at the ways in which Radius Payment Solutions have kept abreast of these challenges by introducing two-way SMS and WhatsApp to its customer service teams.

5. 23 CX statistics shaping the new reality

The world’s gone digital. With a heavy emphasis on the digitisation that the pandemic has brought about, the author of this piece takes us through 23 statistics shaping the new reality for customer experience. 

6. There’s a new look for service centres in 2021

Another entry, another pandemic-influenced hot topic. This piece focuses on the need for customer service employees to feel affection towards their companies, and how businesses can ensure this happens while they are working remotely.

7. Why customer segmentation no longer works

Robert Lurie discusses the ways in which companies use segment marketing to target specific customers. However, he disagrees with the premise that this leads to faster company growth, and explains why the practice has become obsolete. 

8. The future of the gig economy & crowdsourcing

Written on the back of a discussion about open talent, hosted by the Global Technology and Business Services Council, the article reflects on the key takeaways from the event, as well as providing opinions and insights on developments within the world of freelancing, gig work, and crowdsourcing.

9. 7 customer and employee experience trends for 2021

Keeping a finger on the pulse of customer experience continued to be a highly popular topic amongst our bloggers in 2021. Number nine on our list, provided us with seven of the most important trends to help navigate the new customer and employee landscape moving forward. 

10. CV writing tips for CX professionals

Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover. Our last entry on the list is the proverbial tin of Ronseal: it does exactly what it says on the tin. With CX positions becoming more popular, this piece provides some great tips to help your CV reflect you as a person, including how to ‘add personality’ without incorporating off-putting novelties.

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