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MyCustomer’s 10 most popular blog posts of 2022


Discover which topics have piqued our readers' attention in 2022, as we run through the 10 most popular blogs of the year. 

20th Dec 2022

What have our community of bloggers been writing about this year? Whereas the last couple of years, the content was dominated by the pandemic, 2022 has seen a return to more varied and diverse topics. 

While subjects like 'The Great Resignation' and agent burnout do make appearances, the general tone of the pieces is looking past the events that have determined much of the customer experience discourse over the last two years, towards the technology, trends, and insights that will shape the future of CX. 

So, without further ado, here are MyCustomer's 10 most-read blogs for 2022:

1. NPS benchmark & industry trends in 2022

Coming in at number one on our list, is what you might call an ‘evergreen topic’. As the flagbearer for customer experience metrics, NPS remains a highly relevant and important subject for our readers. This piece takes a thorough but digestible look at NPS more generally, as well as a more in depth exploration of the specific NPS trends that characterised 2022.

2. How design thinking & tech will enhance travel CX

The fact that we can go from such a highly popular metric system that is relevant across all CX sectors and teams at number one, to a very narrow and specific topic within a set sector at number two – shows just how much our readers enjoy variety when it comes to their blogs. The combination of new technologies in an emerging CX field gives this piece a cutting edge feel, which clearly caught the eyes of our blogosphere.

3. How to retain agents during the Great Resignation

We teased it in the intro and it hasn’t taken long to make its first appearance. With covid and the pandemic continuing to dominate proceedings last year, ‘The Great Resignation’ was the topic to finally knock them from their perch – like Federer beating Sampras in 2001. With anxieties about employee losses rampant for much of the year, it is unsurprising to see a piece on retention featuring so high.

4. What will Web3 look like for businesses?

The next blog on our list was particularly popular with the tech enthusiasts. Alongside the metaverse and NFTs, Web3 has made up the holy trinity of tech advancements for 2022. Written by Prashant Kelker, Chief Strategy Officer at ISG, this piece cuts through the jargon and buzzwords to clearly outline what Web3 is, and more importantly, how CX professionals can benefit from it.

5. Delivering great customer experience in 2022

Staying up-to-date and ahead of the curve is vital in all forms of business, and CX is no different. It comes as no surprise then, that Iain Fisher’s piece proved so popular amongst the readers. Succinct and informative, the blog covers a range of contemporary topics, from AI to employee wellbeing.

6. The Great Resignation: An opportunity not a threat

It didn’t take long at all for our old friend, ‘The Great Resignation’, to show their face again did it? However, despite covering the same topic, this piece takes a completely different angle – focussing instead on embracing the change in work-life balance, and using it as an opportunity to make your business an employer of choice that everyone wants to join.

7. 10 GigCX predictions for 2022

Like NPS before it, GigCX is a stalwart in the customer experience game. There’s almost a comfort in seeing it still going strong, like your local pub persevering despite the pressure from the big chains. Yet, while it may be a familiar topic, this piece looks at it in a new light – exploring the ways in which modern changes will impact GigCX.

8. Combat disruption fatigue with purpose

“Purpose-led and values-driven innovation should be the new mantra for businesses in a post-pandemic world”, reads the opening line of the eighth entrant on our list – and the author clearly followed their own rules when it came to being purposeful. Agent burnout has continued to be a huge issue in 2022, meaning companies and employees are always on the lookout for new ways to combat this issue.

9. Data privacy & the shift to a 'cookieless' world

The penultimate blog on our list is something of a sleeping giant. With Brexit, the pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and now the cost-of-living crisis – data privacy and organisational transparency have been somewhat pushed to the wayside. But Sachiko Scheuing's piece details precisely why companies mustn’t get complacent when it comes to GDPR.

10. Does Primark need to sell online to survive?

If I was guessing which blog would make the list based on headlines alone, this would have been my top pick. Not only does the piece make an interesting argument for the pros of ecommerce and the need for Primark to adapt in a post-pandemic world, it also proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, with the fashion-giant introducing a click-and-collect service in November. As well as being a space for a fantastic collection of original CX insights and analyses, the MyCustomer blogosphere also doubles as a fortune telling service. 

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