MyCustomer’s 10 most-read articles of 2021


Find out which stories have been most popular amongst the MyCustomer audience over the past 12 months.

2nd Dec 2021

As organisations have become more adept at working in the pandemic, we have seen a move away from the ‘how to cope with COVID’ pieces that dominated much of last year’s content, and a return to more industry-specific issues, with customer experience metrics proving to be a particularly popular topic amongst the MyCustomer readers in 2021. 

Without further ado, here are the top 10 stories that piqued your interest in 2021:

1. The Tesla vs Amazon stats that highlight all of NPS’s flaws

Whilst the most recent Bezos v Musk contest involves space exploration rather than customer experience, the juxtaposition of their respective companies acts as a fascinating lens through which Dan Collins explores the pitfalls of NPS

2. Five ways Jeff Bezos transformed customer experience

Mr Bezos continues to be a very popular figure in 2021, with this piece by MyCustomer’s own Chris Ward, taking a look at Bezos’ envelope-pushing approach to customer experience, and the CX legacy that the former Amazon CEO will leave behind.

3. The perils of blindly using customer effort score as a CX metric

This article tracks the journey of customer effort score (CES), from its original use in customer service through to its current deployment within customer experience, and why its extension into the latter is a serious problem. 

4. Why experts are wrong to encourage effortless customer experience

Recommending effortless experiences to all companies regardless of their brand promises is a damaging misconception. Sampson Lee explains how this indiscriminate, ‘one size fits all’ approach can lead to three distinct negative consequences.

5. How to convince company leaders to ditch NPS in customer service

The effectiveness of NPS was clearly a hot topic in 2021, with Deborah Alvord arguing that it’s time to start phasing out the popular CX metric due to its customer service limitations, which have led to a lack of clarity, and a waste of time and resources. 

6. McDonald's new customer team and the requirements of restructuring for CX

This summer, McDonald’s became the latest major brand to announce the creation of a new customer experience team. The piece explores how these actions indicate a shift in the importance being placed upon CX, and how this will benefit the wider CX sector going forward.

7. Why you don't want a 360-degree view of the customer

The slaying of sacred CX cows continued to be popular amongst the MyCustomer readers in 2021, with Thomas Wieberneit’s article arguing that the much-coveted 360-degree view of the customer might not be all it’s cracked up to be. 

8. Is customer experience replacing advertising as today's biggest brands?

Given that for the past year barely a week has gone by without his name appearing in the news, it is unsurprising that Musk and Tesla make another appearance on the list. The article looks at how Tesla’s strategy of shunning creative marketing in favour of customer experience innovation, may be the future for brand growth. 

9. How do you find the right customer experience KPI for your company?

With no definitive metric by which to track and measure CX success, this article unpacks the findings of a research project that explored which KPIs organisations should focus on. 

10. Why managing customer journeys is a mistake

Customer journeys are as individual as customers. The final piece on our list argues that creating journeys for your customers can actually be counterproductive, and you should instead encourage customers to create their own, and provide them with the platform and the channel independent menu of interconnected contact points to help them achieve this.


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