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New MyC report: What is the future of retail CX - and how can you prepare?


MyCustomer has published a new report examining the dramatic changes that have reshaped retail customer experiences.

16th Mar 2021
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Of all the industries impacted by COVID-19, the pandemic has arguably had the most polarising impact on the retail sector. The volatility has pushed some High Street giants into administration, but at the same time, other retailers - often the most digitally-focused - have hit commercial heights the likes of which they have never reached before.

The retail landscape has been changed inexorably by the disruption, as the combination of lockdowns and changing consumer purchasing habits forced retailers to rethink the way that their entire operations are managed and, in many cases, fast-track their digital transformation plans as a result. 

Evidence suggests that there will be no snap back to the pre-pandemic patterns once ‘normality’ returns. So retailers must continue to adapt the way that they engage with customers to keep pace with changing consumer preferences and anticipate what measures could improve customer experiences in the new retail landscape to give themselves a competitive advantage. 

To shed light on these dramatic changes, and examine the implications that they have had for retailers, MyCustomer has published a new report - The Future of Customer Experience in Retail. Not only does the report detail the developments of the past 12 months, but it also explores what further changes are in store for the industry - and shares advice for those retailers looking to prepare themselves. 

This report examines:

  • Where retail customer experiences are falling short of expectations. 
  • How retailers are creating flexibility for their service teams. 
  • How traditional commerce and the retailing experience are being digitalised. 
  • How retailers are personalising the digital experience. 
  • The emerging role of empathy in the retail customer experience

Download this report now to gain these valuable insights and learn how your organisation can best position itself for a customer-centric and successful future.

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