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Panel discussion: The role of empathy in CX


Empathy thought leader Peter Dorrington recently hosted a roundtable to discuss how organisations are putting empathy into practice in their customer service operations. Watch the playback here. 

27th May 2022
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Empathy's role in customer service experiences has become a hot topic over the past two years. But how are organisations actually putting it into practice?

Empathy thought leader Peter Dorrington recently hosted a special edition of his Digital Empathy Lounge podcast, featuring MyCustomer editor Neil Davey; Ken Peterson, president of QuestionPro CX; and Jonathan Hawkins, founder and CEO of Anthrolytics. 

They talked about the role of empathy in CX; what research has taught us about whether customers prioritise empathy, outcome or price; and some of the insights around driving empathy in the digital realm, as covered in the recent whitepaper "Competence is not a differentiator, competence with Empathy is".


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