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The CX leadership toolkit

65% of c-level executives rank improving customer experience as their most important overall business objective. Yet studies indicate that many customer experience initiatives are stalling.

As part of MyCustomer's campaign to help elevate the CX profession - including our CX Leader of the Year award programme and our enlightening series of CX Leader Sessions - this comprehensive content hub shares best practices, frameworks and research to help customer experience leaders better manage, measure and monitor their CX programmes, and develop the personal skills that will assist them. 

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Empowering CX Leaders

In 2020, MyCustomer conducted research looking at the role and responsibilities of CX leaders to reveal the commonalities and the differences between the key figures running customer experience programmes. But since then the world and the CX profession have changed dramatically.

With that in mind, MyCustomer has once again conducted a survey of customer experience leaders to examine how they have evolved since the pandemic.

And by comparing our 2022 findings to 2020, we are able to see how the profession is developing and how it is faring under the considerable pressures of the past two years - an in-depth exploration of the evolution of CX leadership at this point in time.

2021 Leaders

The CEM maturity model: An introduction

In 2015 DHL Freight developed a model for customer experience maturity measurement to provide a platform for its CX improvement - a project that would prove highly successful for the business. 

The model was created in collaboration with a team of experts from the University of Strathclyde, tech consultancy Ovum and research brand Gallup.

Having road-tested the model on DHL Freight’s own CX programme to great success, the team behind it decided that it should be shared with the wider customer experience community at large as an open source model.

Developed by DHL Freight in conjunction with Strathclyde University Business School, Ovum and Gallup, the CEM Maturity Model, The Customer Experience Management (CEM) Maturity Model has been used by organisations around the world to benchmark their customer experience development and identify where improvements need to be made. 

It is a proven framework to aid all organisations, no matter if they are just embarking on their CEM journey or are already well underway. 

Download these tools now to understand the history of the Model and its components parts, and access the Model itself and the company questionnaire. 

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