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MyCustomer's 10 most popular articles of 2019

What have MyCustomer's audience been most interested in over the last 12 months?

5th Dec 2019
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This year, MyCustomer launched its inaugural CX Leader of the Year award, reflecting the rise to prominence of customer experience as a discipline and profession. 

As we look at our ten most-read resources this year, we see many of the pieces focusing on how to refine and improve customer experience management, whether through technology, processes or recruitment. So here's the top 10 stories that have piqued your interest this year.     

1. How Southwest Airlines used behavioural science to create a better boarding experience 

Behavioural science can be used to create better customer experiences, and in this article Helena Rubenstein explores how Southwest Airlines' use of it has been groundbreaking. Examining how behavioural science can unlock CX improvements, Helena then explains how Southwest used the discipline to improve its understanding of customer psychology and behaviour, ultimately enabling it to launch solutions that reduced boarding times and helped passengers and employees. 

2. Customer engagement platforms: What are they and why are they superseding CRM? 

Move over CRM, it’s time for customer engagement platforms! Ovum's Jeremy Cox argues that classic CRM thinking and investment in CRM applications one department at a time can never lead to a coherent customer engagement capability - something that is crucial in intoday's volatile, uncertain, complex, and decidedly ambiguous business environment. Based on his research, Cox defines a new category of CX platform - customer engagement platforms - and examines the key trends that will reinforce a move towards this model in the future. 

3. 10 customer experience KPIs that provide better insight than NPS 

Measuring customer experience’s business impact is hard. One reason is that CX pros are very customer-focused - they're confident that if they just focus on customer needs, the ROI will take care of itself. Unfortunately, their business partners aren’t always so confident. In this article, Jim Tincher identifies ten metrics and measurements you need to focus on to show the strategic value of your customer experience, broken into three categories: business KPIs, employee-rated items, and survey scores.

4. What are the three limitations of customer-centricity - and which companies confirm them? 

Amazon, Louis Vuitton and Ryanair are not considered customer-centric, yet they still achieve customer success – offering an unprecedented level of convenience, an unparalleled level of exclusivity and the cheapest airfares respectively. So does that mean that customer-centricity is dispensable? Customer-centricity is elusive, exclusive and unachievable for many, argues Sampson Lee - but it's also "invincible". 

5. Is CX dying? Seven ways to save customer experience 

With recent research indicating that customer experience improvement has stalled globally, Colin Shaw examines the main reasons why things have gone awry for CX initiatives - and shares advice on the action required to turn around the fortunes of your CX programme. 

6. Why NPS, CES & CSAT aren’t good customer success metrics 

While there are many similarities between the role of customer success manager and CX leader, should their success be measured by the same metrics, such as NPS and CSAT? Improving CES, NPS and CSAT may help organisations track and improve customer convenience and experiences and ultimately create happy clients, but they may not be appropriate for the goals of customer success leaders, argues Sampson Lee. 

7. How to conduct a customer experience audit

Shifting company culture to become genuinely CX-focused requires conducting an end-to-end audit of the key elements that make up a robust customer experience programme, or roadmap. So how do you conduct such an audit? MyCustomer's Chris Ward explains. 

8. Who are journey managers – and why could they be crucial to the future of CX? 

A growing number of organisations are appointing journey managers. What are the key responsibilities of these roles - and why are they being recruited? Kerry Bodine shares her research findings into this emerging discipline to shed some light on it. 

9.Why are CMOs losing interest in customer experience? 

New research suggests that marketing leaders are shifting focus away from the customer experience, as other priorities take precedence. So what's going on? MyCustomer's Neil Davey explores. 

10. CX Leader of the Year 2019 winner: Sandra de Zoysa, Dialog Axiata 

Following in-depth analysis of the applications from the 25 CX leader finalists, the panel of judges made their final decision, drawing the competition to a close and crowning Sandra de Zoysa as 2019's CX Leader of the Year - an announcement that was viewed by thousands of MyCustomer readers. 


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