MyCustomer's 10 most-read articles of 2020


Which stories have really struck a chord with the audience in the last 12 months?

11th Dec 2020

It has been a year quite unlike any other. And sure enough, customer experience managers and service leaders have also had to cope with extraordinary circumstances, with the pandemic impacting every part of their business - strategies, operations, technologies, customer behaviour, employees - and of course their personal lives as well. 

Perhaps inevitably, therefore, many of the articles that proved most popular with our audience this year focused on how customer experience management and customer service should respond to the pandemic. So here's the top 10 stories that piqued our readers’ interest in 2020.     

1. What are the best brand responses to COVID-19?

New challenges shouldn't mean we stop delivering memorable experiences for customers. So Chattermilll's Joao Alves shares 15 amazing examples of brands going above-and-beyond to help customers and society cope with life in a pandemic. 

2. How to prepare your customer service for coronavirus

In a piece written before the full force of COVID-19 had been felt, this article predicted the key ways that customer service could be impacted by coronavirus, and what contingency planning should take place.

3. How to ensure a better 'new normal' for customer service after COVID-19

Taking a 'glass-half-full', optimistic approach to the pandemic, Peter Massey encourages organisations to not waste the crisis, recommending that they see it as an opportunity to reset their business 'new normal' - and explaining how to ensure they won't slip into old habits once the pandemic is over. 

4. Why a major misconception is causing customer experience job cuts

Customer experience professionals are being blamed for CX programmes failing to deliver business value - and research indicates that it's now costing them their jobs. But does the blame lie elsewhere? Sampson Lee explains why customer experience professionals are innocent of a crime that they're paying for. 

5. The 10 super skills that CX managers must possess - and how to develop them

MetricsXM recently conducted some fascinating analysis of job postings for customer experience managers to identify the skills most commonly cited as key requirements for the role. As well as listing these skills, this article reached into MyCustomer's rich archive of content, to pull together a list of content to help customer experience managers learn more about these skills and develop them, linking to some of our most popular and valuable material.

6. Why CX has become more religion than strategy - and why that's a problem

The customer experience profession has evolved dramatically over the past 20 years - but has it now encountered an unholy problem? Jack Springman voices his concern that as CX has developed, some of the norms have become more like fundamental beliefs that are accepted without challenge - and when there is zeal for absolutes, good strategy development suffers.

7. What you need to know about anxious customers: Four customer experience considerations

Customer experience management is based on understanding your customers. So what do you do in times of consumer crises, such as the present coronavirus pandemic, when your customers suddenly adopt a completely different mindset? Chartered psychologist Simon Moore lists some psychological advice, suggestions and observations that you might find useful in times of consumer crises.

8. Rise of the customer experience leader: 2020 research report

The role of the CX leader has evolved and matured in recent years, but has - until now - remained curiously undefined in many organisations. MyCustomer and Confirmit conducted a global study revealing the skills and responsibilities of CX leadership, unearthing surprising findings about the evolution of CX leadership.

9. How does empathy influence customer service - and what is working well?

Following his appearance as a panellist on MyCustomer's roundtable discussing empathy in service, Peter Dorrington digs deeper into how organisations embed empathy, including how empathy influences customer service; how to measure empathy; and what has worked well for organisations embedding empathy so far.

10. Three steps to improving customer experiences in the middle of COVID-19

Organisations should recalibrate their customer experience efforts in response to COVID-19. Here, Forrester research directors Harley Manning and David Truog explain how they can do it. 

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