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What's gone wrong with the CX world?

WATCH NOW: What’s gone wrong with the CX world - and how can it be fixed?


The latest season of the CX Leader Sessions continues with a discussion with Graham Hill and Alex Mead, whose robust opposition to the "business of CX" - such as certifications, award programmes and customer experience influencer lists - has gained them a degree of notoriety in some quarters of the CX community. Watch now. 

4th May 2022
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As customer experience management has become increasingly mainstream, there has been a proliferation of CX accreditations, certifications, award ceremonies and CX ‘influencers’. While some view this as a sign of the industry maturing and celebrating its achievements, others are concerned about the veracity of many of these awards, lists and accreditations. 

Two of those that fall into the latter category are Graham Hill of Optima Partners and customer service experience professional Alex Mead, whose robust opposition to the "business of CX" on social media has gained them a degree of notoriety in certain quarters of the CX community.

But are they right? Is the industry heading down the wrong path - one that could ultimately harm the development of customer experience management and lead to the costly failure of CX initiatives and permanent reputational damage of the discipline itself?

In a live Session hosted by MyCustomer editor Neil Davey, Graham and Alex put forth their arguments and discussed their concerns for the future of the discipline - as well as explained how they believe customer experience management can course correct to save its soul.

Concluding with a feisty audience Q&A where viewers shared their own thoughts about this emotive topic and put probing questions to the speakers, this is a Session not to be missed.

Watch the on-demand Session now





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