Infographic: How to master questionnaire design

22nd Feb 2016

Questionnaires are a great way of recording consumer feedback, but unless they are well-designed they can fail to capture important nuances and opinions. 

This infographic from Cloudcherry takes us step-by-step through the process of designing a customer questionnaire, including:

  • Question style. 
  • Context. 
  • Sequence. 
  • Fixing a target audience. 
  • Pilot testing. 

Questionnaire design


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By SoniaS
25th Feb 2016 10:30

Good to see talk of short surveys, but isn't the most customer friendly way of gettig feedback to let people tell you what they want to say in their own words rather than asking leading questions. We advocate a two question process: give us a score then tell us why....the magic ingredient is then using Text Analytics to get real insight into everything customers have an opinion on....

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